the independent newscast Kontext TV has published a new program: The Fight for Water Justice

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the independent newscast Kontext TV has published a new program: The Fight for Water Justice

Maude Barlow, Council of Canadians/Blue Planet Project, Right Livelihood Award Laureate
Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director of Food and Water Watch, Washington DC
Oscar Olivera, water activist from Cochabamba, Bolivia
Mary Ann Manahan, Focus on the Global South, Manila
Olcay Ünver, Coordinator of the UNESCO Water Assessment Programme
Gerlinde Schermer, Berlin Water Table
Ivaney Dalla Costa, La Via Campesina, Brazil
Alex Abu Ata, EWASH, West Bank, Palestine
Franklin R. Frederick Goncalves, Movement of Citizenship for the Waters, Switzerland/Brazil
and others

Barely two years ago, after extensive struggles from social movements, the UN General Assembly declared access to clean water and sanitation a human right. However, still nearly 900 million people worldwide have no access to clean water. The overuse and contamination of freshwater reserves, through industry and agriculture, climate change, privatization, and land grab threaten the future supply of water – particularly for the poorest populations in the global south.  
To deal with the future of the world’s water supply two large forums were held parallel to one another in Marseille in March. On the one hand the World Water Forum which encompasses besides private enterprises, also UN authorities and governments. Since its formation this forum has been subject to increasing criticism, because it is said to unilaterally serve private profit interests. For this reason, for the third time, in parallel, there took place an Alternative World Water Forum in which non-governmental organisations, social movements and water activists from the world over took part. Kontext TV was on site and spoke with participants of both forums about the root causes for the upcoming global water crisis, the effects of destructive technologies like fracking and the role of social movements in the fight for water justice.

The broadcast has seven parts:
1. Voices from the Alternative World Water Forum in Marseille:
2. Maude Barlow: "Our Earth is running out of clean water":
3. Resistance against Water Privatization:
4. Fighting for Water as a Human Right:
5. Fracking Threatening Ground Water Resources Worldwide:
6. Risk of Water Wars in Asia / Privatization at the Expense of the Poor:
7. Oscar Olivera: The "Water War" of Cochabamba and the Rights of Nature:

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