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Mar 22 2012
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Presenting the Public Water Network in Seville, The first state platform against the privatisation of water

Many civil society groups signed up to the network’s manifesto

 Seville, 06-03.2012. Under the motto “Write Water, Read Democracy”, this morning we launched the Public Water Network, a state platform that has grown in defence of the model of public water management, a transparent model with respect to ecosystems, efficiency and public control.

The objective of this state network is to coordinate existing movements against the privatisation of water management, to exchange experiences and collaborate in fighting strategies.

Lola Yllescas, from the Public Water Network, has stated that this initiative is a coordinated response to the acceleration of the process of privatisation of public drinking water and sanitation services (el Canal de Isabel II, Lugo, Jerez de la Frontera, Puerto de Santa María, Aigües Ter-LLobregat, etc. to give a few examples). As such, it is action for the public management of the complete water cycle, with transparency and citizen participation.


Furthermore, the representatives of the network have exposed the key mechanisms used by private companies to ensure business profitability: Higher rates, no investment (which results in deterioration of the quality of services), redundancies and outsourcing of secondary services (internal services such as mechanisation, internal osmosis or purification, amongst other things, which managing companies protect in their contracts with the State, in order to lend them with the subsidiaries set above market price, given that there is no competition).


In parallel to this presentation in Seville, today the Public Water Network has also been presented internationally in Brussels, during the event: “Alternatives for the European Year of Water”.


The Public Water Network brings together various associations and platforms from all over Spain. Currently the member organisations are the Spanish Association of Public Operators of Water and Sanitation Suppliers; the Assembly ‘Paz-Fama-Vistabella’ (Murcia); the Coordinator in Defence of the Public Management of Water in Jerez; Ecologists in Action; the Spanish Federation of Engineers beyond Borders; the Platform “Aigua es vida”; the Platform against the Privatisation of the Isabel II Canal; and the Andalucian Network of the New Culture of Water.

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