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Mar 18 2008
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What is Aqua Publica Europea?
The aim of the Aqua Publica Europea network is to bring together European public water and sanitation operators in order to promote public water management at a European level and beyond.

This promotion will be carried out through exchanges of information, expertise and collaboration between public water companies and/or local authorities in Europe and in other countries.
One of the goals is to encourage scientific, technical, economical and administrative actions relating to water management.
Lastly, the objective is to represent public water companies in relation to European and international institutions and bodies, present in different continents, who are directly or indirectly involved in water management.

Who are the founding members?
At the present time the founding members are Belgian, French, German, Italian and Swiss. They are:
- Public water companies:

  • Vivaqua, Belgium ;
  • EAU DE PARIS, France ;
  • Amiacque, Italy ;
  • ATO prov di Milano, Italy ;
  • ATO Sardegna, Italy ;
  • Cap Holding Spa, Italy ;
  • Cap gestione, Italy ;
  • Iamoni, Italy ;
  • TASM, Italy ;
  • Sinomi, Italy ;
  • Services Industriels de Genève (SIG), Switzerland

- Umbrella associations who represent local public companies:

  • Acqua Publica, Italy ;
  • Belgaqua, Belgium Federation of Water Industry, Belgium ;
  • VKU, German association of local utilities and DStGB, German towns and Municipalities Association, Germany

Organisation of the open-to-all session on March 18th 2008:

12h00 -1h00 p.m: Press conference and launch of the Aqua Publica Europea network
1h00 -2h00 p.m: Buffet Lunch with organically grown food
2h00 -4h30 p.m:

1st Meeting of Aqua Publica Europea on the topic of research among water public operators
With :
Syndicat Interdépartemental de l’Assainissement de l’Agglomération Parisienne (SIAAP) ; Nantes Métropole ; EAU DE PARIS ;
CRECEP ; SIG ; VIVAQUA ; researchers...

The aim is to federate initiatives in order to enable constant improvement in the performance of water and sanitation services, in a spirit of cooperation and partnership, and to exchange experiences and skills between public water services.

Please confirm your presence with Carole Albert at + 33 1 40 48 98 13 ou

How to get to the Water Pavilion
77, avenue de Versailles - 75016 Paris -
RER C – Javel station (on the Versailles Chantier line)
Metro Line 10 – Javel or Mirabeau stations
Bus 72, 22 or 62 – Mirabeau bus-stop, bus 88 – Javel bus-stop
Vélib’ bike station - Mirabeau

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