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Mar 19 2008
Supplied or written by Al-Hassan Adam

Africa Water Network would like to present “Turning The Tide” (The Savelugu Story). Turning The Tide is a 10 minutes Documentary which presents Savelugu Water Board. Savelugu a small town in the northern part of Ghana was saddled with chronic water crisis which led to all manner of water borne diseases, the community in consultation with Gariba Development Associates, UNICEF and GWCL and CWSA was able to developed a water management system which meet their needs. We present to you the voices of the water management board, women, Gariba Development Associates and the District Medical Officer in 10 minutes DVD format documentary

This project is the beginning of our vision to document struggles and initiatives which will not see the light of the main stream film and TV industry

Al-Hassan Adam, Coordinator
Africa Water Network

This is our news section. Everything we find out about privitasation and alternatives in the news will be put here.