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Mar 16 2007
Supplied or written by Webmaster

Demonstration in front of the European Commission's Trade department, Monday
March 19th. Meeting point: Rond-Point Schuman at 13.30.

see pictures from the demonstration:

The European Union is using international trade talks to demand developing
countries open up their water sector for European multinationals. This happens
not only in the WTO services negotiations (GATS), but also in other free trade
talks, ranging from the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) to the proposed
free trade agreement with the ASEAN countries in South East Asia.

Join with an international group of water activists (in Brussels for the AMECE
conference at the European Parliament) as we demand that the European
Commission recognises water is a human right and that water must be kept out of
all free trade agreements!

Speakers will include:

Charles Santiago - Malaysia

Virginia Shetshedi - South Africa

Riccardo Petrella - Italy

Jan Willelm Goudriaan - Belgium

Al-hassan Adam - Ghana

Adriana Marquiso - Uruguay

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