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Jun 04 2004
Supplied or written by Satoko Kishimoto (TNI)

The initiative to compile a book on participatory urban water management came out of a series of seminars and workshops about alternatives to water privatisation, including events at the World Social Forum 2004, Mumbai.

With this book, we want to collect information on concrete examples of democratic, participatory public water management throughout the world. The goal is to lean from and promote such models. We hope the book will empower civil society groups in their struggles for
alternatives to privatisation by providing positive experiences of public water utilities throughout the world and to identify political, financial and other obstacles which communities stumble on when they set out to develop alternative models. The book will have contribution from The Philippines, Brazil, Ghana, Slovakia, and many
other places.

The publication is part of the build-up for the Fourth World Water Forum, in Mexico March 2006. At the Third World Water Forum (Kyoto, March 2003), people’s testimonies of the disasters caused by privatisation had a major impact. The next challenge for civil society groups is to present a powerful vision for alternatives to privatisation, based on the many examples of people-centred water supply that exist around the world.

The book will be published well in advance of the World Social Forum 5 in Porto Alegre (January 26-31 2005). Your involvement is most welcome. For instance, if you have suggestions for cities and communities whose experiences should be added to the book, let us know! For more information, contact Satoko Kishimoto (Transnational Institute):

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