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Oct 19 2004
Supplied or written by Lutfiyah Hanim, Yanuar Nugroho
Written by Lutfiyah Hanim, The Institute for Global Justice and Yanuar Nugroho, The Business Watch Indonesia, September 2003.

The Content
Prologue: A story of Indonesian Shipping A leaky ship sailing in the free market ocean

1. About GATS (General Agreements on Trade in Services)
1.1. GATS: The result of agreement ?
1.2. GATS One rule for all nations
1.2.1. The scope of GATS
1.2.2. General Obligations in GATS
1.2.3. Liberalization in Stages
1.2.4. Specific Commitment
1.2.5. An exception of general obligations

2. GATS and Indonesia
2.1. Trade in Services in Indonesia
2.2. An overview of five sectors in Indonesian Schedule of Specific Commitment
2.2.1. Services in Telecommunication
2.2.2. Services in Maritime Transportation
2.2.3. Services in Finance
2.2.4. Services in Tourism
2.2.5. Services in Industries

3. The Implications of GATS for Indonesia
3.1. In Telecommunication Sector
3.2. In Maritime Transportation Sector
3.3. In Financial Services Sector
3.3.1. Banking Sector
3.3.2. Taxation Sector
3.4. In Tourism Sector

4. GATS and developing countries
Behind GATS
Epilogue: What Indonesia should do?

Appendix: Case Study on GATS and Indonesia: Divestment of PT Indosat Tbk Privatization of Telecommunication Services in Indonesia

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