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Sep 04 2012
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This video presents the voices from the la Red Nacional de Acueductos Comunitarios en Colombia (National Network of community water systems in Colombia). It networks community organizations under the principles of reciprocity and solidarity in the struggle for water as a fundamental right and the common good. Community leaders tell us

- How and why does the organisation for communal management of water arise?
- After the organisational process, what is the role of the state at present?
- Communal management and alternatives to privatisation
- Caring and defense of territories
- How do you get the support from national and international networks and platforms?
- What kind of knowledge has the experience of communal management produced in regard to network assembling?

La Red Nacional de Acueductos Comunitarios en Colombia's work is a part of the regional platform's efforts. We thank la Plataforma de Acuerdos Público Comunitarios de las Américas (PAPC: the Platform for Public Community Partnerships in Americas).

We extend a special thanks to organizations involved in weaving these water networks, and the Transnational Institute, Friends of the Earth Internationaland Fundación Abril, who have made this work possible and accompanied conducting this alternative in Colombia.

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