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Jun 21 2012
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Bankwatch’s new online resource that scrutinises infrastructure public-private partnerships (PPPs) in Europe.

As you may know, PPPs involve long-term commercial contracts between public authorities and private businesses to design, build/renovate, finance and operate public infrastructure and services, such as motorways, hospitals, schools or waterworks.

There’s a growing body of evidence that suggests that PPPs can have detrimental effects on public budgets and provision of public services.

Nevertheless, they continue to be promoted in many countries, including in the Arab Spring countries as a way to stimulate development and deal with the impacts the economic crisis has had on public budgets.

The website "Overpriced and underwritten - The hidden costs of public-private partnerships" offers evidence to counter the frequent arguments about the supposed advantages of PPPs. With extensive background analysis, case studies from across Europe and news updates, we hope the site will be a useful source of information for non-governmental organisations working on issues of public infrastructure and public services including water.

Welcome to the resource section. Here you can find a wealth of analysis about (alternatives to) privatisation, public-public partnerships, financing public water and other key topics.