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Mar 23 2012
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This paper is an attempt to collate and integrate field experiences, on-the-ground consultations and published materials from official and alternative sources that delved into: 1) the possibility of having “water for all” (for human use)—from source to tap, and; 2) the initiatives and activities that have been undertaken to achieve this. It offers recommendations and options for policy reforms and developmental initiatives in the management of water service delivery. The data were generated through roundtable discussions, field research, interviews and in the course of implementing the project Capability-Building Program on Performance Benchmarking of Water Districts in the Philippines. More specifically, this report intends to:

1. Determine the status of water service delivery and coverage in the Philippines; 2. Analyze select critical issues pertaining to rural water systems, failing water systems, and conflicts over access and utilization, and;3. Examine the policy framework of the Philippine water sector especially in relation to the targets stipulated in the 2004- 2010 MTPDP, the PDP 2011-2016, Philippine commitments for the attainment of the MDGs and to ASEAN.

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