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Jun 10 2011
Supplied or written by Kruha

On June 6, 2011, NGOs and the community protested in the city hall of Jakarta, demanding the governor to terminate Jakarta water privatization.

They warned that the privatization has been bringing Jakarta water company into severe losses and big debt. The private companies also fail to meet the target that the citizens of Jakarta cannot enjoy a reliable, easy, and affordable piped-water service.

Involved in the demonstration were the community, NGOs that concern on Jakarta water issue, and the Jakarta water labor union. This was the first time for the labor union to affiliate with other groups in their effort to push the policy makers to remunicipalise the water service. The protesters orated, did performance art, and held banners of their demands. They can’t wait the termination of Jakarta water until 2022.

The representation of the protesters also met with the officers of Jakarta government to submit the petition on terminating Jakarta water privatization and also to deliver the protesters’ demands. However, the protesters still attempt to meet the governor face to face, as well as to hold similar demonstrations. The International Petitions was signed by 90 Indonesian and international organisations and 592 Indonesian individuals. The protest was organized by JRMK, Kruha, SP Jabodetabek, SP PDAM, Walhi, LBH Jakarta, FPPI and SBMI. 


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