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Feb 10 2011
Supplied or written by Enginyeria Sense Fronteres Catalunya

- Public management of water. Participation and social control

- Water access. An unsolved issue

- Water privatization. Trading with life

The water commoditization and privatization processes, driven by International Financial Institutions (such as the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund) and the main provider of services for large transnational corporations, are causing that more than one sixth of the world population has no access to water sufficient in quantity and quality and they also cause the reduction of spaces for democracy construction in our societies. In light of this situation, civil society organizations are pushing a new proposal to maintain the public service vocation and to guarantee the effective implementation of the human right to water and sanitation. This right was recognized by the General Assembly of the United Nations last July.

In Europe we have plenty of work ahead of us. Few months ago, a judge declared that the concession of AigĂĽes de Barcelona was illegal for not showing the contract. Furthermore, it seems that there is an evident willing to privatize totally or partially the public company AigĂĽes Ter-Llobregat, a key company for the governability of water in Catalonia. Besides, it is also grotesque the situation of the Canal Isabel II in Madrid, a public company with a history of more than 150 years and annual benefits over 90 million Euros, that it is now in a privatization process. Meanwhile, in Europe processes for returning public management of water have begun in countries such as Germany and France. The city of Paris stands out as it built up a new public company, and it has calculated that citizens can save about 35 million Euros annually; and Italian mobilization, which collected 1,400,000 signatures against the privatization of the service.


In this context, from the campaign “Water for everyone: a right, not a commodity” we want to present three new documentaries that we have made:

- Public management of water. Participation and social control.

- Water access. An unsolved issue.

-  Water privatization. Trading with life.


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