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Sep 04 2009
Supplied or written by TNI, Reclaiming Public Water Network, RED vida

From the 23rd to the 25th of August, 2008, water justice activists from across the Americas met in Cochabamba, Bolivia, the same city where some of the first open battles against water privatization were launched and won eight years ago. The gathering, called 'Agua, Bien Común, Gestión Pública y Alternativas,' (Water, a Common Good, Public Management, and Alternatives) brought together more than 60 organizations from 15 countries to envision just and sustainable models of water stewardship and to build alliances that will bring these visions to fruition. Over three days, a diverse group of participants analyzed current trends in the privatization and commercialization of water, and shared experiences in the construction of public and community-controlled water management systems as alternatives to the dominant logic of privatization and commodification of water.

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