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Jan 08 2007
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Examples are the city of Alagoinhas (140,000 inhabitants) in the poor north-east of Brazil and Santo Andre (670,000 inhabitants) in the industrial region around Sao Paolo. The cases in the book, selected by a group of water sector specialists following strict criteria, show that public water utilities can achieve universal access, also in very difficult socio-economic circumstances. Key features of the successes presented in the book are a strong political will to improve public water delivery and, importantly, "social control": reforms that boost citizen's involvement and democratic control over public services.

"Successful Experiences in Municipal Public Water and Sanitation Services from Brazil" is published by ASSEMAE, the federation of more than 1,700 public water and sanitation companies from municipalities from across Brazil.

Successful Experiences in Municipal Public Sanitation Services from Brazil

ASSEMAE (National Association of Municipal Services of Water and Sanitation)
Silvano Silvéiro da Costa
Leo Heller
Luiz Roberto Santos Moraes
Patrícia Campos Borja
Carlos Henrique de Melo
Denise Sacco

English Version

Translated by: Kostis Damianakis
Collaboration with: Kate Hummel, Nadia Idle, Eva Watkinson
Co-ordinated by: Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO)
Transnational Institute (TNI)
World Development Movement (WDM)

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